The Flowering of Sophistication: Elevators in Luxury Residences

Sofisitcation on luxury real estate

Predicting trends in luxury housing can be a challenging task, and although some notable trends have emerged as quickly as they have disappeared. Others, however, are rooted in convenient lifestyles and long-lasting practical features. Home elevators are a prime example of a feature that is sure to add value and appeal for a number of different reasons.

Home elevators are as varied as they are appreciated. Regardless of the initial reason for wanting a home elevator, there are several options that will undoubtedly enhance the style of a home, add convenience to everyday life and have appreciated over time.

An elevator not only prepares a home for the future by making it accessible for residents and guests with limited mobility, but also simplifies the transportation of household goods, storage of luxuries such as a wine cellar in the basement, or the transport of shopping, laundry, sports equipment and luggage to different floors.

Modern domestic elevators transcend their basic utility. Instead, they often become relevant elements that enhance the architectural design of the home or function as functional artistic amenities.

Deciding between incorporating an elevator as a feature piece adjacent to a staircase or hiding an elevator shaft behind a closed door is a personal choice. While it’s simpler to incorporate an elevator during the planning of a new build, it’s often possible to adapt a one- or two-person elevator to an existing home.

While other trends may come and go, residential elevators are now considered a highly desirable adornment that reflects style and sophistication in the distinguished luxury housing market.


Elevators are an effective way of moving residents, guests and goods between different floors. Anyone who has lived in a house with two floors or more knows how exhausting it can be to make several trips up and down the stairs every day. Now consider the advantages of owning a private elevator, especially in multi-storey or basement homes! It’s the best option for people with reduced mobility.


Carrying boxes, laundry, books or other objects up the stairs can be tiring. An elevator eliminates the need to carry objects manually and keeps the stairs clear for pedestrian traffic between floors.

Resale value

Residential elevators offer attractive resale benefits. Although they have a highly practical function, they can be designed as impressive artistic installations in an antique or contemporary style. They are a luxury item in the high-end market and will always be considered a unique luxury amenity.

Universal Design

Traditional stairs can be challenging for families with young children or for elderly residents and visitors. Universal design features that accommodate aging in place have become standard for luxury residential design. As more families have reasons to unite multiple generations, residential elevators will become even more desirable.

Appealing Aesthetics

Usually requiring no more than 15 or 20 square meters, an elevator not only offers multifaceted convenience, but can also be concealed or act as a harmonious aesthetic element with other architectural features. Single elevators can also be combined with curved or circular staircases, or can be placed discreetly in remote locations.

While single chair elevators installed in existing staircases can alleviate accessibility problems as residents age, they are often unattractive additions that detract from the staircase’s function. An elevator adds functionality and eliminates aesthetic concerns.

Whether it’s an expansive property on vast land or a compact multi-storey condominium in an urban skyscraper, an elevator is the simple solution to a complex problem. The installation of residential elevators is usually not complex, they add to the inherent appeal of a home rather than detract from it, make it easier to navigate between two or three (or more) floors and always add value to the property.

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