Beyond the Ordinary: 5 Indispensable Amenities in Luxury Homes

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beyond the ordinary

When it comes to luxury homes, the concept of comfort and well-being is taken to the next level. In addition to exquisite design and high-quality materials, these homes offer a range of amenities designed to provide residents with an exceptional living experience.

The emphasis on health and well-being isn’t exactly a new trend, but today’s luxury homes include a variety of unique amenities that allow residents to pamper themselves as if they were guests at an exclusive retreat. In this article, we’ll explore five must-have wellness amenities that are often found in luxury homes.

Fitness at Home

Physical health is a priority for many, and luxury homes often include well-equipped gyms. While a basketball hoop in the backyard remains popular, and a court in the basement is an even more sophisticated option, a fully equipped fitness center is a luxury amenity that will allow homeowners to maintain a unique exercise schedule, even when there is little time or energy to go to the gym.

Fitness enthusiasts invest in their favorite machines, be they ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes, rowing machines or climbing ropes. A TV lets you work out with your favorite online trainers.

Relaxing Refuge: Spa at Home

A private spa is one of the most desirable wellness amenities in luxury homes. Think of an indoor or outdoor hot tub, a heated swimming pool, a sauna, a steam shower or steam room and a massage table for maximum luxury and wellness convenience at home.

With this type of full-service spa, there may also be a bar or mini-kitchen to provide a variety of refreshing juices, flavored water and hot tea.

Saltwater Swimming Pool

Saltwater pools are emerging as a growing trend for a number of reasons. Regardless of location, it is possible to convert an existing chlorinated pool to a saltwater system. In these pools, the salt concentration is ten times lower than in the sea, and the amount of chlorine used is significantly reduced, resulting in generally lower maintenance costs in the long term. In addition, swimming in saltwater pools can provide a more enjoyable experience, and the health benefits associated with regular swimming are widely proven.

Find your Inner Peace

Creating a meditation space can represent the ultimate personal luxury, allowing people time to escape the burdens and stress of a busy day and spend some time practicing yoga, meditating or simply relaxing with a good book and soft music. By adding the most appealing individual features, the meditation room becomes a private escape pod.

Whether it includes comfortable seating, a floor mat, live plants, mirrors or inspiring works of art, you can create a truly unique atmosphere. Including a window to an outside pocket garden will provide a tranquil and serene effect. A meditation room is a very personal space. There are no design rules to follow, it should just reflect your individuality and preference.

Healthy Cooking: From Design to Practice

Commercial-style appliances and built-in devices are specially designed to make life easier for all members of the family when it comes to preparing and eating nutritious and healthy meals. The range of options available is vast: from built-in woks and pans for cooking rice and cereals, to steam cookers, steam and convection ovens, juicers and blenders, deep fryers and a variety of time- and energy-saving appliances. A “living wall” can provide access to frequently used herbs, while a handy “vegetable garden” can offer tomatoes, berries and other favorite vegetables and fruits.

Wellness amenities in luxury homes transcend the simple concept of comfort. They are designed to provide an extraordinary living experience, where relaxation, health and entertainment come together in a unique setting.

At BUYME Prestige we understand that well-being begins at home. That’s why we offer residential solutions that go beyond the conventional, providing our clients with a haven of comfort, health and tranquillity.

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